Tod's No_Code

Shoes and luxury leather goods


The Tod’s brand is famous for shoes and luxury leather goods, with the style that has become an icon of modern living. Tod’s is known in the luxury goods sector as a symbol of perfect combination of tradition, modernity and quality.

At some point, however, the brand found itself lacking appeal to younger audiences. Edgy and stylish young consumers needed something different from brands they can relate to. In the light of the need to appeal to an unconventional segment, Tod’s created No_Code, a new unisex collection with much more urban feel to it. Creating the new collection was by all means challenging but communicating this fashion development in the right way to the right people presented a completely unique set design challenges.


First key challenge was to create a piece of communication that not only transmitted the ideas behind the new collection to younger audiences but also stayed true to the existing brand identity. The biggest obstacle in this respect was substantial differences between the Tod’s brand values and the values that the new collection was designed to communicate.

Being a unisex collection in the portfolio of a luxury brand, No_Code used this trait as a key differentiator from competition. A piece of corresponding communication had to reflect this. Thus, the second challenge for the designers was to highlight and amplify the collection’s emphasis on freedom, individuality and subtle rebelliousness.

Finally, appealing to new audiences, with which the brand previously interacted only tangentially, Tod’s needed to ensure that the creative elements used were appropriate and effective given the target audience.


Integration of new values

The design team created a 90-second video piece, the focal point of which was the idea of “no code”. The underlying notion of freedom of expression culminated in the tagline “Live by No_Code but Your Own”. The new set of associations was successfully integrated within the wider brand values through depiction of luxury and exclusive lifestyle, which Tod’s is known for.

Unisex appeal

Within the paradigm of “no code”, the video also needed to reflect the collection’s unique selling point – unisex attributes. Instead of being depicted in a gender-stereotypical manner, characters of both sexes were presented in unique ways and thereby strengthened appeal to both groups.


Brand-driven communications

Strongly brand-driven narrative of the video emphasised the fact that Tod’s is a lifestyle brand, not a utility. Products were organically integrated within the storytelling whereby they were briefly featured to highlight how they fit within the Tod’s lifestyle.