North Airways
Luxury airline with a strong emphasis on design elements


In 2013 members of the Enforce Digital design team and several groups of art professionals from different industries came together to challenge each other, share their experience and showcase their expertise in a series of design projects, which were aimed at demonstrating ability and power of creativity to drive wider business issues.

The objective of one of the most challenging projects was to develop a concept and strong brand identity for a new airline with strong emphasis on design elements. The concept of North Airway, an airline focusing primarily on northern countries, was developed. The outcome of the project had to reflect the airline’s commitment to comfort and luxury and simultaneously constitute a fresh and sophisticated take on branding of travel providers.


The key challenge was to construct a strong and meaningful brand identity, which would resonate with target audience and vividly communicate the Northern Airways’ service focus. Northern travel destinations, like Iceland, Finland and Russia, have a distinct feel to them, so the newly created brand identity had to take its roots from perception and positioning of these destinations.

The ambition was to make sure that the brand identity penetrates every single aspect of the business, from external communications to customer service. Thus, the second challenge was to ensure that all brand attributes are transferable and can be tailored to specific settings in which they are displayed.

Finally, the design team had to maintain consistency of brand positioning across all channels and mediums. Having had to be developed with long-term considerations in mind, the brand had to convey its identity in persistent manner over time.



The overall presentation drew its inspirations from the North Airways destinations. Minimalistic designs, blue and white tonalities, and wide shots of snowy landscapes were extensively utilised throughout the project to create strong associations between the brand and the destinations.


Adhering to principles of minimalistic design, the main section of the website featured minimal amount of text and instead focused on visual assets. Purposefully, the homepage provided integrated overview of all the destinations to reinforce the focus of North Airways.



Every element of the video ad, from footage to music to supers, was designed to communicate the luxury feel associated with North Airways. Appropriate visual cues were put in place to emphasise and reinforce perceptual ties between the brand and Northern countries.

Supporting elements:

Having developed consistent brand identity and the visual style associated with it, the team of designers applied it throughout several supporting elements, including designing flight assistants’ outfit, postcards, passport sleeves and business cards.