hugo boss cover



The Hugo Boss brand has world-wide reputation for authentic and luxurious apparel and accessories. The men’s collection offers refined business, casual and sports looks. The women’s collection offers rich array of modern business wear, exclusive leisurewear and glamorous evening apparel. Shoes and accessories round out the range, supplemented by watches, eyewear and fragrances produced under license.

While preparing their 2015 collection Christmas window display, Hugo Boss were concerned about the perception of their brand being “too classic”. Without diluting the brand positioning and appeal, the objective of the project was to engage younger audience in the manner consistent with the Hugo Boss values. Digital, one of the preferred execution techniques, was meant to stimulate engagement and showcase the brand’s commitment to innovation.


The widest challenge for the team was to find an organic way to bring some freshness into the brand without diminishing existing brand equity. Ability of digital means of communications to foster engagement had to be leveraged in such manner that is preserved integrity of the Hugo Boss identity.

The second challenge was to create a design platform that maximises synergies between different channels and mediums. Not only this, but the 2015 Christmas display also had to organically incorporate Hugo Boss’ diverse product portfolio.

Finally, one of the key design challenges was to create a season-relevant display that resonates with people’s mood during and feelings towards Christmas festivities. In order to maximise engagement the design had to account for how this presentation of the brand could organically fit within this specific commercial environment.



Opposite to previous display designs, multiple items and colour tones were used in the 2015 Christmas display. Sleek geometric and compositional forms infused freshness into the display while sophisticated colour palette choices worked to preserve the established brand identity. Drawing its inspiration from microscopic structure of a snowflake, the design accounted for both spirit of the season and spirit of the brand. The team carefully handcrafted the shapes meticulously caring for every single detail before submitting the design for digital treatment and processing.


Digital display:

As many high street retailers are struggling to attract attention of passers-by, whose time is extremely scarce particularly in busy cities, this display had to captivate their attention through unusual dynamics and engagement features. Large section of the window had frost-like tinting leaving a circle in the middle of the window to see through. Every half an hour the circle would “freeze” leaving viewers curious and intrigued.