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Lazar Angelov, a fitness guru, model, personal trainer and nutritional expert, in 2013 was facing a fascinating challenge: how to share his passion for fitness and motivate fitness enthusiasts around the world to push themselves to their limits and achieve results they haven't even dreamt of.

Drawing from years of professional experience and real-life stories of people, whose lives transformed after Angelov’s personal training programme, he decided to write an ebook after receiving numerous requests from fans. ABS: The Secret Revealed provides comprehensive guide on how to develop stunningly looking abdominal muscles through dieting, nutrition and workout plans.

Driven by passion and unparalleled expertise in the field, Lazar needed to ensure that the book reaches motivated fitness enthusiasts all over the globe and brings more aspired bodybuilders and casual gym-goers to the camp of his supporters.


Before assisting Lazar in reaching relevant audience with his book, Enforce Digital first had to ensure that the product itself was appealing and designed with commercial needs in mind. The starting point was to assist with editing of the ebook. Designing attractive packaging was also crucially important.

The second big challenge was to develop an integrated communications strategy to firstly, generate awareness and sales of the product at hand and secondly, to stimulate understanding of the Lazar Angelov brand, which would support any subsequent commercial activities launched the fitness guru.

Finally, telling potential customers about the ebook was not enough. Thus, the third challenge before Enforce Digital was to ensure that interest towards ABS: The Secret Revealed and visits to the website, generated through digital channels, translated into sales of the ebook.


Cover Design:: Having accounted for tastes and preferences of the target audience, a team of talented designers created an alluring cover to maximise effectiveness of initial appeal.

Email: Thorough behavioural segmentation and e-mailing list of over 120,000 relevant recipients were cornerstones of the email campaign that offered first pages of the book for free.

Social Media: Optimised to achieve highest possible exposure in the relevant market, daily Facebook posts were used to count days until the release of the book to foster feeling of anticipation.

Video: Without being product-centric, two YouTube trailers, created to stimulate consideration, incorporated product information and call-to-action in an organic manner that drove conversions.

Conversion Optimisation: Every decision, on and off site, was guided by thorough A-B testing of potential alternatives to maximise commercial potential of user experience.


- Over 2,000 sales within 24 hours

- Increase in Facebook likes from 200,000 to over 11,000,000

- Over 1,000,000 cumulative views on YouTube

Evident success of the campaign built a strong foundation for continuous collaboration with Lazar Angelov. Enforce Digital is actively involved in creating and managing time-specific campaigns through designing and optimising landing pages for thematic promotions, like Black Friday and Christmas, and running supportive social media campaigns to fuel interest and stimulate sales.

Ultimate indication of success of the ebook campaign is the fact that due to better-than-expected sales and engagement performance led to the decision to issue print version of ABS: The Secret Revealed in January 2016 (?).

I have worked with EnforceDigital for over two years now. Not only they've assisted me in developing my online brand presence, but for years they have demonstrated themselves as a result-orientated team, which speaks in numbers and not letters. Lazar Angelov